Veteran’s Freedom Flag Monument

1191 Buckeye Road
Lima, OH 45804

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Veteran’s Freedom Flag Monument

The Veterans Freedom Flag Monument commemorates the United States soldiers who served in all wars and military actions. It is the largest known flag monument in the country.

The Veterans Freedom Flag Monument in southwest Lima features five, twenty-foot tall brick pillars that together create the American flag. Each pillar, along with the five pine trees behind the monument, represents a branch of the U.S. armed forces. Individual bricks within the monument are inscribed with the names and service information for veterans whose families have sponsored a brick. Individual bricks at the base of the monument catalog each military action in which the United States has participated. Visitors can read the names on the monument or enjoy the memorial from the benches placed around the flag. At dusk, the monument is lit from below for beautiful nighttime viewing. The monument frequently hosts veterans’ events and educational field trips.

The park surrounding the monument is full of symbolism. The poppies represent American involvement in European wars, while the tall grasses surrounding it commemorate U.S. service in jungle climates. The POW flag is placed at a distance from the monument, to remind guests that prisoners of war are always in the minds of veterans, even though out of sight. Educational plaques placed around the monument offer the history of American flag design. The Veterans Freedom Flag Monument was dedicated in 2010 and built by local volunteers and with support from area businesses.

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Notes for Travelers

The Veterans Freedom Flag Monument is adjacent to the Joint Systems Manufacturing Plant, and near the Husky Refinery. While the monument has its own parking lot, a GPS is recommended to help find the correct entrance as the nearby industries are not open to the public.


Rebekah Brown

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