The Liberty Aviation Museum

3515 East State Road
Port Clinton, Ohio 43452

419-732-0234   |
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
$10 Adults; $8 Children, $8 Seniors

The Liberty Aviation Museum

Located at the Port Clinton Municipal Airport, the Liberty Aviation Museum explores the role of aircraft on Lake Erie and features the history of the Island Airlines.

The Liberty Aviation Museum is home to the Tri-Motor Heritage Foundation restoration project, and includes a museum and two hangars that offer a glimpse into mid-twentieth century aviation.

The museum features the stories of the local Island Airlines and their use of Ford Tri-Motor planes, nicknamed “The Tin Goose.” Displays feature Tri-Motor interiors, Island Airlines souvenirs, the goods transported by the planes, and local military service members. An informative short film on the Tin Goose focuses on the role of aviation in supplying island residents with essentials.

Hangar I features locally restored vehicles and planes. First-person stories about restoration projects accompany the artifacts in binders, making it easy to connect with the objects. Children of all ages will also be pleased to find a “Blazing Angels” simulation game in this area and will seek out quarters to enjoy this classic video game. Hangar II is a gem where visitors can experience a working museum with several large projects currently in the restoration process. Current restoration projects include a World War II PT boat and a 1928 Ford Tri-Motor plane. Visitors will want to return frequently to watch the progress on these restoration projects.

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Notes for Travelers

Liberty Aviation Museum is a working museum; visitors should pay attention to their surroundings, and respect barriers and designated walkways. The Liberty Aviation Museums has a public archive, but visitors should notify the museum prior to their visit to arrange an appointment. Their archives focuses on five areas of interest: military aviation, civilian aviation, general transportation, local/ regional history, and Northern Ohio Veterans’ Oral Histories. (


Kristen Fleming

Additional Resources

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