Defending a Young Nation: The War of 1812

Embark on a tour along the historic Anthony Wayne Trail from Toledo to Defiance, traveling through some of Ohio's most scenic parks. As you follow host Greg Tye to War of 1812 and Miami and Erie Canal sites, enjoy the views along the Maumee Valley Scenic Byway. After visiting the site of Fort Meigs, you have the opportunity to take an optional tour from Perrysburg to Put-in-Bay, which is available on Tracks 14-16. If you choose to travel to Lake Erie's shoreline and islands, return to Perrysburg and rejoin the tour at Track 10.

Begin each track at the location indicated. Important sites from the tour are marked on the map and under each track heading. Sites that are highlighted in blue link to additional information.

Track 1

Leaving Downtown Toledo and merging onto US 24 GPS: 41.584760, -83.617965

Track 2

Traveling through Side Cut Metropark along US 24 GPS: 41.544499, -83.698121
  • Fallen Timbers Memorial

Track 3

Traveling West through Waterville GPS: 41.522111, -83.717663

Track 4

Driving West through Defiance on US 24 GPS: 41.314664, -84.318388

Track 5

Confluence of the Auglaize and Maumee Rivers GPS: 41.287273, -84.357423

Track 6

Traveling East along the Maumee River on State Route 424 GPS: 41.294688, -84.288014

Track 7

Traveling on the South Side of the Maumee River on State Route 65 GPS: 41.412399, -83.893664

Track 8

Driving North along State Route 65 toward Perrysburg GPS: 41.489839, -83.713643

Track 9

Fort Meigs Historic Site GPS: 41.549656, -83.651942

Track 10

Traveling into Maumee via the Maumee-Perrysburg Bridge GPS: 41.556622, -83.649397

Track 11

Traveling through Maumee on River Road and US 24 GPS: 41.573561, -83.627254

Track 12

At the junction of the Anthony Wayne Trail and Glendale Avenue GPS: 41.611563, -83.594947

Track 13

Exiting the Anthony Wayne Trail and traveling through Downtown Toledo GPS: 41.647499, -83.542696

Track 14

Optional tour from Perrysburg to Put-in-Bay Bay GPS: 41.558522, -83.624050

Track 15

Junction of US 20 and State Route 53 in Fremont GPS: 41.367780, -83.116017
  • Site of Fort Stephenson, now Birchard Public Library

Track 16

Leaving Fremont and traveling North on State Route 53 to Put-In-Bay GPS: 41.379947, -83.116964
  • Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial

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