Zane’s Trace: A Road into the Wilderness

Following Native American trails, Ebenezer Zane cut a path through the Ohio wilderness, opening a gateway for settlement in the Northwest Territory. Today, Scott Spears guides you along remnants of Zanes's Trace. Start in Zanesville's Historic Putnam District and head southwest on Route 22.

Begin each track at the location indicated. Important sites from the tour are marked on the map and under each track heading. Sites that are highlighted in blue link to additional information.

Track 1

Begin at Putnam Hill Park (entrance off Grandview Ave) GPS: 39.936370, -82.012085

Track 2

Begin at SR 204 and US 22, 5 miles out of Somerset GPS: 39.847446, -82.205027

Track 4

Begin at US 22, Amanda Exit GPS: 39.652564, -82.753214

Track 5

Begin at SR 361 and US 23 GPS: 39.652564, -82.753214

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